Welcome to sing 


Have you thought about taking singing lessons?


Would you like to learn to use your voice effortlessly and in a healthy way under the encouraging guidance of a highly experienced teacher?


Are you looking for a new motivational singing teacher to help develop your singing skills?


Do you need effective, high-level guidance for entrance exams, auditions, competitions or preparing repertoire for gigs, concerts or a musical theater role?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are very welcome to my lessons. I will help you achieve your goals with the expertise I have after teaching singing for over 20 years.

I teach in English (or Finnish) and mostly at my home studio in IJmuiden.

Online lessons on Zoom are also possible, although I prefer face-to-face lessons to be able to give you very precise guidance for your needs.

P.S. I have professional level skills also in piano playing, so if you are interested for example in learning to accompany yourself on the piano, ask more about it.

Singing lessons for every level 


If you are a beginner or have received only a little singing guidance, I will gently and expertly guide you to a healthy and safe way of singing.Your singing skills and your voice will develop, and you will soon be able to enjoy singing without voice fatigue or other challenges related to voice production. I'll help you choose the repertoire that suits your voice and skills the best, and we can also work on your favourite songs.


If you already have experience with singing lessons and practicing singing, and you want to further develop your skills to a higher level, you will receive effective exercises and advice, which I will choose specifically for your needs. If you are preparing for professional music studies, competitions, performances or other situations where you want to show the best of your abilities, I will help you get ready and achieve your goals.


If you work as a professional singer, actor, musical theater performer or singing teacher and you feel like updating your expertise in any way, you are very welcome to work on it with me. It can be for example vocal technique, working on repertoire, interpretation, improvisation or maybe you need new tools or tips for your job as a teacher.

Comments from my students 

Kaija is a very professional and encouraging singing teacher. Her teaching style is very systematic and you can see results quicky. In Kaija's lessons I learned, among other things, excellent vocal technique exercises, which helped my technical skills develop to a whole new level. She also has a comprehensive knowledge of music genres and I learned a lot about different music styles with her. Kaija is a gentle but comfortably demanding teacher who makes each voice's full potential flourish.

Meeri Sarjasto

When it comes to singing technique - Kaija is THE teacher. With her valuable experience and all-embracing knowledge, she can recognize every possible voice issue and help you resolve it. She is always 100% there for her student, dedicated and caring. She has an incredible memory and will never lose track of what you have been working on. Kaija's natural approach taught me how to give up on overdoing and gain gentle control over high notes. She can hear clearly where the issue is and guide you through the exercises until you have reached an effortless and beautiful sound. Always compassionate and understanding, Kaija's lessons are clear and fully productive. Her professionalism extends to piano playing, repertoire, vocal physiology and pedagogy. She is a real voice expert and I am truly honoured and lucky to have studied with her.

Ana Pilat

Kaija is the best singing teacher I've ever had. The singing lessons with Kaija's extensive expertise have been truly inspiring, motivating and encouraging.

Saana Murtojärvi

As a teacher, Kaija is warm, clear and consistent. She knows how to explain things in a way that the student will definitely understand. While teaching me, she always welcomed me openly and I was able to be completely myself during the singing lessons. My wishes were listened to, I received a lot of encouragement and the lessons always had a safe atmosphere to experiment and make mistakes. I have never progressed with any other teacher as effectively as I did with Kaija. She sees the student's strengths very well and uses them to guide you on your vocal path.

Meritta Pyykkönen 

I have studied singing and singing pedagogy under Kaija's guidance. She is a wonderfully calm and caring teacher, thanks to which my skills developed extremely fast and I achieved the goals I set for myself alongside the goals of the educational institution. Under Kaija's guidance, I found my own natural voice and learned to sing demanding repertoire with ease and quality. In addition to good singing technique and understanding of songs, I learned from her that my voice is beautiful just the way it is, and I don't need to imitate others - I am enough. Thanks to Kaija's pedagogy, extensive toolkit and versatile understanding of the vocal instrument, I gained enormous knowledge for my singing and singing teaching.

Hanne Kivioja

Kaija is a warm and kind teacher with a wide expertise in pop / jazz singing and various music genres. She helped me understand singing with simple exercises and gave me tools to lift my singing to a whole new level. If you want to learn healthy and expressive singing technique, Kaija is the perfect teacher for you.

Sirkka Salminen

Kaija's singing lessons were often the highlight of my study week. In my own singing lessons, the time was put to good use and I always learned something new. I also received enough challenges from Kaija, which motivated me to practice and develop more. We focused properly on the basics of vocal technique, which I am really grateful for as a now-graduated vocal teacher. Kaija guides skillfully, carefully and calmly. She is an encouraging and safe teacher. Kaija has an excellent knowledge of the characteristics and phrasing of different genres of music. I learned a lot from her about, for example, jazz singing, harmony and rhythm. Kaija is also a skilled pianist. It is wonderful to sing with her accompaniment. Above all, Kaija taught me to study and think about music independently and to find tools with which I can develop my singing.

Elina Asu

Kaija has taught me both singing and singing pedagogy for few years. She is very professional as a teacher, as she has strong knowledge of teaching various types of voices as well as versatile knowledge of teaching different genres of music. As a teacher, she is encouraging and empathetic.

Solja Saira

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